#WildernestLibrary is here!

Today we welcomed #WildernestLibrary to our homestead, a Little Free Library located at the start of our driveway in close proximity to the road for visibility.


Since purchasing our land two years ago, a Little Free Library was on my to do list. It’s a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world. As someone going all in with our forever town of Acushnet, it was the perfect addition to our home.

I could never figure out a design, but as soon as we welcomed our bees here at Wildernest, the answer was clear as day - a mini version of the hive! 

In true fashion from my husband, he brought the dream to life as our first year anniversary gift, and I’m just smitten over the final product.

If you’d like to purchase or build your own LFL, check out https://littlefreelibrary.org/ for tips, blueprints, and more information about the organization.


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