We are Jay and Kelsey Janak, a husband and wife team from a little farm town in southern Massachusetts. We are builders, designers, homesteaders, lovers of the wilderness, and best of all, adventurers.     



On June 2nd, 2016, Jay and I made one of the most important life and financial decisions we will ever make - our offer was accepted on 6 acres of Massachusetts wilderness to build our first and forever dream home on. 

A home to love and cherish, to tend to, and to take care of. A home to bring our first and maybe our second baby back to, to watch them take their first steps in, and watch grow. A home on 6 wooded acres of land where those future children will chase fireflies, get muddy, and grow up wild on the homestead we’ll build with them.

A home that my future husband will build with his bare hands, along side his grandfather, via the family business.

We spent three years saving every penny we’ve ever earned to achieve this dream, and here we document financial, emotional, and practical decisions that building a house and homestead entails; this amazing chapter of our life.