Free downloadable no spray sign design for your bees

In Massachusetts at least, some counties do pesticide and herbicide spraying all over town in order to help combat the mosquito population and keep diseases at bay. Eversource, the electric company, also sends out notices to towns when they're ready to spray their power line easements for similar things. 

These chemicals have been known to be quite harmful to the honeybee population, and thankfully you are able to opt of spraying via the town website. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way with Eversource, and because of the easement we have on the property, I needed some sort of "no spray zone" signage posted on the property to protect my hive and bees. 

I did this design a few weeks ago and had two printed from Vistaprint for only $35, including the stands and shipping. The design is for a 18" x 24" sign.   

Feel free to downloaded the PDF from the link below, upload to Vistaprint or a printer of your choice, and post on your property to save your bees! 

Click here to download.


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